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Mission of Grace has provided many services to the community through the years, and one of those efforts is called The Love Kitchen (since 1986).  

The Love Kitchen is the only soup kitchen in the White Mountain area at this time and serving 100's each week. Thousands of people come through the doors of the Love Kitchen every month for a yummy, nutritious meal that will see them through the day. Many guests are homeless, and the time they spend here gives them a respite from life on the street, a place to relax, where they feel safe and comfortable and are part of a community.

The Love Kitchen has expanded off-site while Mission of Grace focuses on events of various occasions. With out full commercial kitchen attached to Grace Hall, Camp Grace provides for many occasions: sports camps, youth functions, family reunions, corporate retreats, church or community events, CE workshops, and more!

And our camp can sleep 170 campers, plus additional staff comfortably! (200 people)